1.2 True Love?

The next few days, Drew had work and chose to focus on his career. He decided a good way to become skilled at music was to study it. Thus, he bought a cheap stereo so that he could play different genres and study each kind intently. While Drew listened  too all genres at least a little bit, he found he wasn’t too crazy about classical music. Rock and alternative were his favorites, both genres that typically included a guitar.


One day while he was practicing the guitar, Drew heard his phone ring. He slipped it out, thinking it must be Eric calling to chat. However, when Drew answered the phone, he was surprised to hear Valerie’s sweet tone. “Drew,” she greeted happily, “I haven’t seen you in a few days. You should come over to my house…we can hang out.” Drew couldn’t help but feel excited. He quickly set down his guitar and agreed to come over and visit.


After Valerie gave him some directions, Drew headed over to the other side of town. It took a little bit of searching since Drew was still getting used to navigating around, but he soon found Valerie’s house. The place was a nice two-story house with blue shingles and large windows. Gathering up his nerves, Drew headed up to the front door and gave a good knock on the door.


“Come in!” Valerie called from inside and Drew entered to find her sitting on the couch not too far from the door, watching some TV. She turned and smiled at him, “Come and watch TV with me, Drew.” She reached over and patted the cushion next to her. Drew walked over, trying to appear confident, and sat down next to her. Valerie gave him another smile, one that almost looked flirtatious. There was some kind of movie or something on, but Drew quickly started to tune it out as Valerie and he started chatting.


The conversation went from what their careers were (Valerie was a mixologist) to what kind of families they grew up in. Drew discussed growing up with his wealthy parents uncomfortably and that because of their cruel ideals, he had decided to run away and start his own legacy. Valerie herself had grown up with just her mom (her dad had died when she was young) and had been a rather popular girl in school. However, after a while the conversation quickly started to heat up.


It all started as Valerie casually asked if Drew was single and as soon as he answered ‘no’, her smile seemed to light up even more. Soon the two were playfully bantering back and forth – Drew could literally feel the room was heating up. He couldn’t help but feel a passion for her. Despite only meeting a few days ago, Valerie and he definitely shared some kind of connection. He only could feel that connection strengthening as he and Valerie reached out to and held hands as they looked into each other’s eyes.


Valerie suddenly stood up then, glancing back to bat her eyes at Drew. That was when Drew jumped up and reached out for her. He embraced her in his arms and the two kissed right there for the first time.


As Valerie leaned back from Drew, her grin was dazzling and she let out a soft giggle. “Oh, Drew, you’re an amazing kisser,” she told him. Drew just smiled and that’s when the moment fizzled out because another voice spoke up, “Are you two done making out in here?” Drew looked up to see a second girl walking out from the hallway. She was glaring at the two, almost looking mildly annoyed. “Who are you?” Drew asked. Valerie spoke up then, “Drew, this is my roommate, Mina.”


Mina just gave Drew a casual nod before walking into the kitchen to grab some food. That was when Valerie glanced at her watch and gasped, “Oh! I have to get ready for work.” She gave Drew a quick kiss before dashing up the stairs. Meanwhile, Drew looked up to see Mina walking back from the kitchen and sitting at the table with some cereal. She seemed to be ignoring him, but Drew didn’t let that bother him. He always liked an opportunity to make another friend and being friends with Valerie’s roommate was probably a good idea.


Drew strolled over and sat down by Mina. “So, you’re Valerie’s roommate,” he started. Mina didn’t even look up from her food. “That’s what she said, isn’t it?” she snapped and Drew couldn’t help but feel slightly put off. “I’m just making friendly conversation,” he answered. Mina only rolled her eyes and scoffed. This time Drew was sure – for some reason, Mina didn’t like him. “Is there something wrong?” he asked, “Do you not like me or something?” This time, Valerie looked up at him, her sharp blue-green eyes narrowing on him. “Or something,” she muttered, her tone venomous.


“Hey guys!” Valerie chose that exact moment to walk up, still grinning from ear to ear. “What are you guys talking about down here? I hope you’re getting along!” She plopped down in the chairs by them, giving both friendly smiles.


At Valerie’s question, Mina shrugged in response and Drew just sighed. “Trying to get along,” He said to which Mina shot him a look and Valerie’s smile faded slightly. She turned to look at Mina in question, but Mina only stood up with her food and walked back down the hallway. A few seconds later there was a loud door slam. Drew jumped, but Valerie just sighed. “Don’t let it bother you,” she told Drew, “Mina’s has things she has to work out.”

With that, Valerie jumped again to give Drew a kiss on the cheek before heading for the door. “I have to head off to work! I’ll call you later!” she called out to him before dashing out. Drew stood up to leave, too, but not before glancing back down to the door at the end of the hall where Mina was. He couldn’t help but wonder what kind of things were going out that would make someone so moody like that? What had happened to Mina?


Hey guys, I’d love to hear some feedback or comments from you to know how I’m doing! Thanks for checking out my site and I hope you’re enjoying my legacy so far!


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