1.1 New Friends

The next day, Drew woke up and started getting ready for his first day of work. After eating, he started to play on the guitar more. Drew was eager to be in just the right mood for his first day. He wanted to be promoted as quickly as possible and Drew figured, the harder he worked and more he played the guitar, the better chance he had. When his carpool arrived, Drew headed off to work with a smile on his face, excited to be working towards his dream.



Later on that day, Drew returned home from work. While he really hadn’t been able to play the guitar a lot and show his fellow employees his skills, Drew was happy that he was in the entertainer career. That night after eating dinner, Drew played his guitar late into the night, wanting to rapidly improve his skills so he could advance in his career. And his practice proved to work because the next day after work, Drew returned home grinning from ear to ear – he had finally been promoted to the next level…Open Mic Seeker! This was just a small step to becoming a master guitarist, but Drew was just happy to be seeing progress.

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Because of his promotion, Drew had the next three days off before his next work day. While this was meant for improving his skills and preparing for the next level of his job, Drew was disappointed because this meant a lack of pay. He was barely starting to save up money and was uncomfortable being this low in funds – it was something he wasn’t used to. To clear his mind and try to forget about his financial position, Drew decided to go and look around town. First, he visited the park, which was quite lovely and full of life!


There at the park, Drew met his neighbor and friend, Eric Lewis’s daughter, Olivia. Olivia was as nice and friendly as her dad was. Drew quickly found out that she also shared his good humor and love of jokes. The two spent a lot of time laughing with each other and trying to one up the other with the better joke. Drew and Olivia became friends and Drew was happy to have another in his new town.

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Drew enjoyed his time out in about, especially when he had been hanging out with a fellow goofball, Olivia. The next day, he left his home lot again and went to visit the local gym. There, Drew worked on his fitness by throwing some punches at one of the punching bags there. While he was focusing on music, he still wanted to stay in shape and remain healthy. It was while Drew was working out that he saw a young woman walk into the room by him. He couldn’t help but stare at her – she was beautiful!


As Drew watched her working out, he knew that he had to talk to her. He couldn’t ruin a potential chance at finding his future girlfriend just because he was nervous. So, after he worked up his courage, Drew waked over and introduced himself. The young woman was welcoming to Drew and said that her name was Valerie Queen. Valerie was happy to hear Drew had just moved to the town and the two hit it off right away.


As the two talked, Drew couldn’t help but notice how easy it was being with Valerie. She was so outgoing and the two just seemed to get along so well. Drew thought she was nice and definitely very friendly. This could be a perfect match for him, a good partner to start a family with. As the two bid their goodbyes and headed back home for the night, Drew started to wonder if Valerie Queen would be a good future wife for him…

Next Chapter – 1.2 True Love?


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