1.0 A Fresh Start

The day after his high school graduation, Drew Arken ran away from home. He was done with his snobby and cruel parents who thought that just because they had money, they were better than everyone else. With little regret, Drew left early in the morning and escaped from his elitist family, wanting to pursue his own dream in becoming a famous musician. Using the money he’d been saving up for the past few years, Drew moved to anew town and bought a plot of land. He used the little money he had remaining to buy some cheap furniture. Looking at what he had, it wasn’t much, but Drew figured that after a while, he’d soon be making money with his guitar skills.


After Drew had his furniture set up, he immediately went into town and got a job in the entertainer career. He was now an Amateur Entertainer and while the pay wasn’t much, Drew knew it would be worth it in the long run. As soon as he got back home, (or the lot that he could call home for the time being), Drew made himself a meal out of the fridge. Without a stove and counter, he could really only have some cereal and milk. The cheap and low-quality meal was a sharp contrast to what Drew was used to back home. As he sat there eating, Drew wondered briefly if this was really worth it.


Once he was done eating, Drew set off to start getting ready for work the next day. He picked up his guitar and started practicing, quickly wanting to become a master guitarist. While the notes weren’t perfect, Drew certainly wasn’t horrible. And as soon as he started to hear the music and feel the notes flowing through his fingertips, all doubt washed away. This was why he had run away, to do in life what he really wanted – play music. After all, music was Drew’s true passion.


For a few hours, Drew played the guitar, becoming happier with every minute as the music flowed through him. He decided to take a break, already having noticed some improvement in his skill since he started. With a little time before sundown, Drew decided to head off and meet his neighbors. Perhaps, he could make some new friends. Drew strolled over the hill towards where a beautiful, three-story home sat. Drew knocked on the door and was instantly invited inside. There, he met a friendly man who was slightly older than him, Eric Lewis.


Eric Lewis was very friendly and welcomed Drew to the neighborhood. Drew found it easy to talk with Eric. Eric laughed at all of his jokes and soon, Drew found himself telling him his whole story. He explained how he’d left his rich parents to pursue his own dream. Eric praised him for his courage and encouraged him to work hard so that he could become the skilled guitarist he wanted to be. The two became fast friends and Drew found he looked to Eric, almost like an older mentor.



That night, Drew headed back to his own lot and got ready for bed. Eric had given him a lot of advice and definitely had helped him see better how moving out here so he could follow his dream was a good choice. Drew jumped into bed, excited for the next day when he would go to work and start moving towards his dream job. Yes, the escape from home, the cheap conditions and the little money was all worth it – well, it would be worth it in the long run. Drew went to sleep, dreaming of the day when he’d play for big crowds and everyone would be screaming his name…


Next Chapter – 1.1 New Friends


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